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Zenius cooperates with the Ministry to launch mini-documentary series

Syifa, news . 20 Jun 2022
Zenius X Wonderful Indonesia

Heaptalk, Jakarta — An education technology startup Zenius has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (06/18). This strategic agreement covers the development and collaboration of Indonesia tourism marketing communication activities for the cooperation period to December 2024.

Through the cooperation, the Authority will support the production of two mini-documentary series created by Zenius. The initial outcome is Mahakarya, a mini-series that explores Indonesia’s culture and numerous heritage spots. This first mini-series presents a unique perspective storyline regarding cultural heritage that shapes the region’s identity in the form of a 10-15 minutes video. 

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The further documentary series, Kisah Rasa, is a 7-10 minutes mini-documentary video that reveals the archipelago’s identity through culinary. The scenes will explain the local food’s history, ingredients, spices used, and the nutrients peeled in the philosophical perception.

“Indonesia’s creative tourism enables the creators to establish the tourism industry values through an entertaining and educative approach. This method should be supported to increase Indonesia’s tourism attractiveness during this digital era and introduce the local culture’s originality and its philosophy to the tourist,” voiced Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani, Deputy for Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

As part of the partnership, this Indonesia-based educational platform will attach a Wonderful Indonesia logo, the Ministry’s official tourism promotion tagline, in each episode. In addition, Zenius will obtain a chance to enhance marketing communication of tourism and creative economy with the stakeholder entailed.

Zenius’s team is still working on both documentary series and in its implementation, this startup also provides opportunities for other partners  to take part. Zenius’s Founder and CEO, Sabda PS, delivered his statement.

“As educational technology pioneers resonating the significance of critical thinking, we always put diverse perspectives ahead by emphasizing the educational aspect. We also implement a similar point to boost society’s attention to the tourism sector. We expect to amplify and augment numerous potential of Indonesia’s tourism and culinary by presenting the Mahakarya and Kisah Rasa documentary series,”

The production team of this ed-tech platform has confirmed to generate five episodes in an early series of Mahakarya and also launch five chapters in the first series of Kisah Rasa that will be released soon. The audience can download Zenius’s application through App Store and Play Store and access Zenius’s YouTube account to watch these documentary series.

Regardless of launching two documentary series, Zenius will also work with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to provide hospitality training in the form of practical skills dedicated to this industry player. This cooperation is expected to help tourism practitioners set up better Indonesia’s tourist destinations to greet domestic and international tourists. (SFM)