XL Axiata collaborates with MoEngage to deliver personalized contents

business . 13 Jan 2022
XL Axiata cooperates with MoEngage

Heaptalk, Jakarta – XL Axiata, Telko Axiata Group’s subsidiary, announced has built cooperation with MoEngage to enhance its customers’ experience. By this collaboration, Indonesia’s biggest cellular telecommunication provider is expected to present more personal, contextual, and attractive content to more than its 57 million customers.

In the collaboration, MoEngage is set to promote multi-channel users’ engagement in AxisNet and myXL. Carrying out this duty, MoEnngage provides an insights-based users’ engagement platform to deliver comprehensive information towards users’ behavior as well as its analytics to XL Axiata. The result, further, will be utilized to leverage retention in every contact point during the customers’ life cycle.

XL Axiata stated that Indonesia has vast business potential, particularly in the telecommunication sector, as the archipelago has 185 million active users and 68% market penetration. Each user is predicted to consume 30GB of data per month from these tremendous users’ numbers.

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However, the unlimited data package that dominated the country’s local telecommunication landscape has disappointed users who have high digital literacy. The problems appear when the data package that is labeled “unlimited” keeps containing “limitation” inside.

The speed offered on the package is unstable while the benefit presented changes continuosly. In addition, many of Indonesia’s providers do not apply a reminder system to prompt their users concerning the rest of the data. As a result, customers commonly utilize several providers aligned with their various needs, and further, this condition has brought difficulties and hassle to them.

Perceiving these complicated problems, XL Axiata has the vision to provide the customers’ needs in terms of redefining data usage as well as offering personalized digital experiences. To achieve the vision, the Malaysia-based company has built a partnership with MoEngage.

By analyzing the customers’ journey, XL Axiata is able to identify the final friction point of its customers and further will repair it. In the end, this action is conducted to improve customers’ experience and avoid churn.    

Through the improvement, the telecommunication provider is able to greet its customers effectively through a relevant moment-based message. The provider also can focus on its customers’ preferences, behavior, and even the customers’ purchasing history. MoEngage’s AI contextual machine assists XL Axiata to optimize communication with its customers by sending a relevant message at the right time and channel.

The Head Product and Design Services of XL Axiata, Reza Mirza, stated his point of view towards personalizing customers’ experience, “Indonesia’s digital economy lies in the critical point. The indication comes after We saw the entrance of new digital consumers’ generation that demands personalized experience.”

Reza added that XL Axiata is proud to deliver excellent offerings and services to its consumers by channeling promotion that is personalized not only towards the customers’ necessity but also about problems outside it.

In addition, to focusing on digitalization and personalization, XL Axiata also implements an insight-based engagement platform. The Company intentionally takes this measure considering its seamless integration capability that is supported by tools in the pile of martech, such as BI/CRM/CDP platform. 

Furthermore, although MoEngage possesses a great ability to create personalized and other advanced campaigns, the Company strives to improve and develop features aligned with the customers’ necessity.

“XL Axiata, as an innovative telecommunication provider, has reconstructed communication way by adopting real time and measurable solutions to enhance the customers’ experience and provides a personal touch that is highly needed by people. We are very proud to be XL Axiata’s partner and We hope can assist the Company in achieving the best engagement in its sector and strengthening the relationship between the Company and its customers,” stated the Founder and CEO of MoEngage Inc, Raviteja Dodda. (WLN)