East Kutai’s strategy to face economic uncertainty in 2023

Wulan, news . 30 Sep 2022
Kasmidi, Vice Regent of East Kutai during the President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo instruction 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta – Indonesia is projected to enter the ‘dark age’ in 2023 as the result of the global recession. President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo delivered instructions to the entire ministers, heads of institutions, regional and district heads, and the head of SEOs to brace for this condition (30/09).

In response to the President’s instruction, the Vice-Regent of East Kutai, Kasmidi Bulang, stated, “Through this instruction, we hope budget allocation for subsidy can be more well-organized, both the central government and local government (30/09).”

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Kasmidi also added that every area in Indonesia, particularly East Kutai, is expected to boost its potencies, such as tourism potency, “Thank God, we have inventoried East Kutai’s potency and we also have allocated our budget to build the infrastructure. The allocation is disseminated to most areas across East Kutai. The allocation is spread in almost all sub-districts with the varying amount that is adjusted to our regency’s budget.”

He perceived that East Kutai has incredible tourism potencies, specifically ecotourism, that can be optimized, “East Kutai has incredible tourist potency from its wonderful nature, the regency has a great underwater view, jungle, and mountain, the place contains comprehensive tourist potency. Therefore, we would like to boost the potential.”

In addition, Jokowi alluded to numerous functionaries committing extravagance by traveling abroad. The President delivered that despite enriching other countries, the government representative should revive the national economy by buying local products and enjoying local tourism destinations.

In the implementation of this instruction, Kasmidi stated that East Kutai had empowered local Micro Small, and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) by involving them in the regency’s festival and sport match. “This step will assist MSMEs to grow their business and robust our national economy,” Kasmidi said in a statement.

As an action to increase the welfare of poor society, Kasmidi revealed that synergy between the central government and local government program is required. “East Kutai has channeled subsidies for underprivileged people. The distribution process adopted ‘by address’ system, thus the aid can directly receive by the beneficiary right away.”