East Kutai Govt holds technical guidance to improve land ownership dispute handling

Wulan, news . 18 Nov 2022
East Kalimantan and East Kutai Govt visit Indonesian Embassy in Egypt

Heaptalk, Jakarta — East Kutai Government has cooperated with Smart Academy to hold technical guidance (BIMTEK) regarding land and property ownership dispute handling. The agenda aims to transfer knowledge about the handling scheme for the issue that should be tackled based on the laws in force in Indonesia.

Taking place at Ballroom Harris Hotel on November 8th-11th, 2022, the activity was followed by 159 participants from the local government apparatus at the level of the village to regency.

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“(This agenda) invited keynote speakers from National Land Agency for East Kalimantan, Production Forest Management Unit, and Land Use and Spatial Planning Department (DPPR) for East Kutai,” said the Head of Government Cabinet Secretary East Kutai, Trisno.

The BIMTEK is expected to improve government apparatus capability concerning land ownership dispute handling. In addition, the participant also obtained an opportunity to learn about standard mechanisms to counter land and property ownership conflict that will be implemented through public consultation.

In accordance with Regent Decree, the standard mechanism of land and property ownership dispute should be submitted through the Legal Department of Cabinet Secretary East Kutai.

As a result, Trisno added that if the regulation is passed, the implementation will face no more obstacles. After public consultation is carried out, the next process – namely, synchronizing the perception from the level village to the regency – can proceed.

In the further step, the government apparatus, from the village apparatus to the regency’s civil servants, can handle this issue based on an analysis study.

“We hope, both village and sub-district can work under the same vision and build synergy in one firm command in order to support the Regent and Vice-Regent working program,” Trisno said in statement.