Bali’s Marriott Bonvoy resorts teams up with

Syifa, industry . 11 Feb 2022
Bali's Marriott Bonvoy

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Marriott Bonvoy, one of the biggest hotel loyalty programs, announced Bali’s resort portfolio strategic collaboration with The cooperation aims to improve the travel and quarantine experiences for holidaymakers traveling to and from this island of the gods.

Ramesh Jackson, Indonesia’s area Vice President of Marriott International, stated, “We can identify that travel in this day and age is no longer what it used to be. With so many options on information channels and sources, it can be difficult for travelers to navigate through reliable information. We felt it was important to provide guests with a one-click travel solution. This alliance is designed to provide guests with a worry-free, seamless booking journey for their mandated quarantine stay with the option of a travel visa packaged together under Marriot’s integrated platform, “

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This strategic collaboration will offer a one-step booking journey, namely Warm-Up vacation accommodation and express travel visa on the destination platform. Marriott Bonvoy expects members to have credible information and destination access through is determined to play a supporting role in simplifying tourists’ return to Bali and across Indonesia. During the pandemic, we had several million visitors on the platform looking for information about travel and visa regulations since Indonesia closed its borders in March 2020. We comprehend the importance of absolutely reliable information and guides during these uncertain times so that people can have a great holiday when they visit Bali, “said Michael Strobel, the Founder of

Likewise, Strobel added in his statement, “Travelers are craving well-researched and reliable information and travel partners. We are delighted to be part of this campaign and cooperate with Marriott Bonvoy resorts in Indonesia to provide a transparent quarantine package for travelers and a seamless booking experience, including e-visa. “ is Bali’s leading domain and digital gateway primary to Bali, presenting millions of visitors from over 190 countries with reliable information and handpicked services. Tourists can explore all of Bali’s offerings and arrange travel planning decisions that allow for a holiday according to their preferences and expectations. The one-stop destination portal highlights Bali’s cultural richness and promotes Bali’s sustainable future.

Before traveling, guests are encouraged to refer to the latest travel regulations to confirm vacation eligibility and understand Bali’s vaccination and testing requirements. Quarantine and travel regulations might change at any time.

Tourists can await a seamless, convenient, worry-free travel and quarantine experience at the CHSE-certified Marriott Bonvoy portfolio of resorts in Bali, including a Warm-Up Vacation Package at The St. Regis Bali Resort, The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali, Renaissance Bali, Uluwatu Resort & Spa, Sthala, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Ubud, Bali.

On the other hand, the collaboration with grants the following booking preferences, namely: Warm-Up Vacation accommodation package and Warm-Up accommodation package with express travel visa facilitated by to encounter a seamless travel experience.