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Binus School Serpong’s webinar: A parents’ guide to empower future leaders

Heaptalk Team, events . 15 Dec 2021
Binus School Serpong's Webinar 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Binus School Serpong, a well-known international school, held a series of programs to embody its vision, namely, lead the future leader to empower society. The series of the program was reflected, one of which was through a hybrid seminar: “How to Empower Your Children to be the Best”.

Binus School Serpong realizes that the era has changed rapidly, and behind the alteration, there are new opportunities and challenges. Facing this era, by perceiving the importance of parents’ guide to children’s future, Binus School Serpong has performed a sharing session for the parent to have a provision in welcoming changes (27/11).

“This is the endless challenges, concerning how to deliver constant support to our children and also about snapshot approaches to overcome the challenges. Sometimes, one of the best measures is finding the right people to share and learn from each other. We have to remind ourselves as our children grow, we have to grow too. We have to grow with them,” stated the Middle and High School Principal Sherrierose Gonzales (27/11).

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The event adopted a hybrid scheme, virtual event via Zoom, and “live” event that was taken place in Admission Hall Floor 2nd, Binus School Serpong. During the event, Binus Serpong high and Middle School Head of Guidance and Counseling also was appointed as the host.

In the discussion, the School that utilizes Cambridge Curriculum invited two experts as keynote speakers, including the Director of Keluarga Kita Yulia Indriati and the Mentor of Rencanamu, Triani A.M. Nainggolan. Yulia is an experienced family education trainer who has worked in the field since 2013. Besides, Triani also has been a mentor for students since 2017.

Choosing Hybrid Seminar: How to Empower Your Children to be the Best as the theme, the discussion provides a comprehensive discussion concerning children’s competition, how to understand and comprehend children’s necessities, parents’ self-management, the exploration of students’ talent and interest, and how to face the challenges, as well as building a conducive atmosphere at home.

Yulia shared her insight towards the critical points to increase children’s potential. Besides, Triani highlighted the changes and children’s opportunities in the future. According to Yulia, parents should be more communicative to their children. As the guidance, parents also should learn in-depth about the future prospective field and, further, lead their children based on parents’ knowledge.

Responding to Yulia’s statement, Triani said parents should have more knowledge than the children. Therefore, when the children ask them about the education plan, parents can answer the children’s questions well while guiding them.

From the occasion, the School expected to deliver knowledge to parents in order to optimize the students’ talent. Moreover, Binus School Serpong’s measure is hoped can unify the education ecosystem that consists of students, teachers, industry actors, communities, society, and Government.