Muslim Life Fest 2022

Blibli becomes official partner of MUFFEST+ 2022, elevating the halal ecosystem

Syifa, industry . 25 Apr 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Blibli announced to team up with MUFFEST+ 2022 as an exclusive e-commerce partner through its Muslim-friendly canal, Blibli Hasanah. The cooperation is supposed to boost the halal ecosystem and support Indonesia to fall into the worldwide Muslim fashion epicenter.

According to Indonesia Halal Market Report 2021/2022, the halal industry’s potential is estimated to accomplish US$281,6 billion in Indonesia by 2025. Perceiving this considerable potential, Indonesia’s government executes numerous initiations to promote the industry. The concrete action is reflected through Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy’s innovation that has launched an engaging program to encounter creative economy actors, exclusively halal industry, to gain the capital to flourish their enterprises.

“Our participation in this Muslim fashion event is part of Blibli’s commitment to continue evolving the halal ecosystem to fulfill customer necessities for a thoroughly integrated halal lifestyle. We intend to encourage Indonesia’s government objectives to embody Indonesia Onward 2045 through empowering the halal creative industry players to promote this sector together,” Ratih Arsanti, VP Fashion Muslim and Hasanah of Blibli, said in a statement.

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Furthermore, this Indonesia-based e-commerce also stimulates the creative halal industry through Blibli Hasanah by providing halal-certified products. This action is claimed to embrace Muslim fashion industry actors enhancing their business through an exhaustive halal atmosphere in this canal. Blibli Hasanah provides 12 sub-categories of the products, with16,000 merchants tested based on applicable policy. This Muslim-friendly canal launched by Blibli shows an increase of 14 times and product enhancement by 112 times in 2022.

As an official e-commerce partner, Blibli presents a smoothly hybrid event experience during MUFFEST+ 2022. Several contributions are provided to expedite the organizing of this Muslim fashion festival, including an exclusive ticket provider and omnichannel solutions provider dedicated to all tenants involved during the exhibition on April 21st – 23rd, 2022, at The Ritz Carlton Jakarta. Exclusive products displayed in Indonesia’s Muslim fashion exhibition are also carried on the Blibli platform, with exciting promos from April 18th – 30th, 2022.

On the other hand, Blibli will perform Raya Collection from 12 of Indonesia’s well-known young designers, available on exclusively. Fantastic brands collection by Indonesia’s young generation launched is Zaskia Mecca, Kamima, Morningandsmile, Iskanti, Benang Jarum, Nada Puspita, MUDA, Puru Kambera, Heaven Lights, Halima, DOA Indonesia, and Broodies.

“Blibli Hasanah contains three primary values that will be addressed to consumers: halal assurance for all products, risk-free storage because it is separated from non-halal products, and trusted traders. We plan to amplify our motivation to spread better solutions and services for the sustainable halal creative industry in the future,” concluded Ratih. (SFM)