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Aston Priority’s new “lust”: provides Korean Style menu and Healthy Drink

Heaptalk Team, food . 09 Jan 2022
Aston Priority's new menu: Korean Beef Galbi

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Welcoming 2022, Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel and Conference Center delivers its latest food and beverage promotion to pamper the taste buds of culinary lovers. At this moment, the Hotel has created Korean Beef Galbi and a healthy fresh beverage, Purple Haze.  

The special formula of these two brand new menus was created directly by the Aston Executive Chef, Joko Hendrasto. Galbi, according to the Hotel, is an authentic Korean cuisine that utilizes ribs – cut into shorter ones – as the main ingredient. By the Hotel, this cuisine is transformed using a special seasoning from its secret receipt to create a rich taste.

The Hotel’s culinary team also offers an exceptional health beverage Purple Haze contains fresh milk, vanilla ice cream, and dragon fruit. The fusion of these ingredients is designed to generate fresh savor.

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Aston Priority's new beverage: Purple Haze

Aston Priority’s new beverage: Purple Haze

“Korean cuisines are immensely popular today. For this reason, we present Korean Beef Galbi to deliver Korean taste to our guests. A tender, tasty ribs will pamper the guests’ tongues definitely. In addition, the fresh taste of Purple Haze will be a great combination that will perfect the taste of the menu,” Joko Hendrasto, the Executive Chef of Aston Priority Simatupang said in a statement.

The Aston Priority’s new menus value at around USD8.03 and USD2.37, for Korean Beef Galbi and Purple Haze consecutively. Both of these menus can be ordered in January to Canary Coffee Shop, or the Hotel directly.

Aston Priority generally is known for its Indonesian cuisine, but, as its customers are from multinational companies, the Hotel provides a list of international menu that keeps up with the current trend. The Hotel intentionally provides innovation as its strategy that makes the Hotel has a special space in the hearts of people. (WLN)